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Classes, Coaching & Services That Help You Build Relevancy

Content, SEO, keywords; all of these things are meaningless without relevancy.

And most brands are relevant… ish. They’re somewhat aligned with their audience, a bit targeted, and moderately in line with what their audience is searching for online. They think they’re heading in the right direction.

But here’s the thing. Relevant-ish won’t drive sales.

It’s like following the road that winds around the mountain, when you could fly in a straight line directly to the top. It’s the difference between guesswork and certainty.

I specialize in classes, coaching and services that build content and keyword relevancy, so the dollars spent implementing content marketing and SEO are maximized.

The learning process:




Lack of clarity is why so many professionals end up overwhelmed and confused. They haven’t progressed from where they were last year, applying the same skills they’re comfortable with instead of making substantial improvements to demand higher salaries, and demonstrate better results with their content.

They’re also not quite sure if their work is relevant to the right audience, and how to apply best practices to their industry and goals.

These resources are designed to transform your skills into something highly strategic, targeted and effective. I’ll help you every step of the way as you learn new skills, then apply them.

It won’t be easy and it won’t be cheap—but the results will be career-changing.

I’m completely committed to your success.

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Free Basic SEO Masterclass

The 5-step strategy other PR pros are using to uplevel their content marketing skills…so they aren’t pumping out content for months with no results


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Custom Keyword Research

Strengthen your content with a custom keyword strategy that defines ideal keywords essential to your content marketing & SEO success.


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One-Hour Coaching Call

Taking a mastermind class but need a bit of extra coaching? Purchase 60-minutes of telephone or video support.


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Autographed Book

Purchase a signed copy of Carrie’s award-winning book, Above the Noise: Creating Trust, Value & Reputation Using Basic Digital Public Relations.


More interested in having this done for your company than learning it yourself? Head over to any of the resources below and let’s chat.